Guide for installing Paymob's WooCommerce plugin for WordPress supporting our payment methods (Visa / Mastercard, NIFT, and EasyPaisa)

Download the plugin from this link (for PKR) and this link (for USD) .


  1. Open Plugins page:

● Browse to your WordPress admin panel → Plugins → Add New.

  1. Adding the plugin:

● Click “Upload Plugin” then “Choose File”.

● Browse your file system, choose the plugin in “.zip” format and click “Install Now”.

● Click “Activate Plugin” after it is successfully installed.

  1. Enable payment methods:

● Browse to WooCommerce → Settings → Payment

● You will find new Payment methods “Visa / Mastercard, NIFT, and EasyPaisa”

  1. Linking your Paymob account data:

● Choose the desired payment method by clicking “Manage”

● Fill in account following inputs first:

a- “API Key”, you can find it in your Accept dashboard, profile tab.
b- “HMAC Secret”, you can find it in your Accept dashboard, profile tab.

● A success message will appear if the correct data is entered.

  1. Setting the callback URLs:

● Head to the Payment integrations page in Accept dashboard and click “Add”.

● Choose the payment method needed and the currency. Please make sure that the
currency is the same as the WooCommerce currency.

● Set the transaction processed and transaction response callback URLs as shown below

  • Make sure to copy any of the two links

● Then you can navigate to Paymob's Dashboard → Developers Tab → Payment integrations→then click on the desired Integration and then press the "Edit" button and the below screen will open.

  • so now you paste the callback URL that you copied into both Transactions Processed and Response Callback fields.

  1. Configure the payment integration.

● Head back to WooCommerce admin and reload the page in order to refresh the list of
integration IDs.

● Select the integration ID and configure it to be displayed on the checkout page

  1. Configure the Iframe:

● For Visa / Mastercard and NIFT payments, you will need to choose the ID of the iFrame that will be displayed to the paying customer.

● For EasyPaisa there is no need for an iframe, and you will have no iframe field in the module configuration as it's not required.

● Head to the Iframes page in the Paymob dashboard to view the pre-created ones.

● Choose the ID then click “Save changes”

What’s Next

You can use the following link to access the test credentials for the supported methods: