Guide for installing Accept's Magento2 plugin supporting our payment methods:
(Visa / Mastercard, NIFT and EasyPaisa)

In order to integrate your Magento2 store with Accept kindly follow the steps below :

Please click this link for our Magento - VERSION 2.3.X - 2.4.X


1- Create a new folder "app/code".

2- Extract the zip file, the correct path should be "your/website-magento2-files/app/code/Accept.

3- Go to "your/website-magento2-files/bin". There should be a file called "Magento", now through the terminal please run the following:

php magento setup:upgrade

After running that command the Accept Payments Module will be installed. Please note you may also need to run:

php magento cache:flush

Configuration Guide:

1- Go to your "Magento dashboard", click on the "Stores" tab and click add.

2- Click on “Configuration”

3- After that, you should click on “SALES”

4- Click on “Payment Methods”

5-Click on “OTHER PAYMENT METHODS” to choose Accept payment methods that you want to use, then choose “Paymob.Accept (Nift)” to configure online card payment in your shop

6- Enable “Paymob.Accept (Nift)

7- All the credentials you'll need are available from your account on Accept dashboard. You can obtain your iFrame IDs, payment integration ID, your API key, and your HMAC secret click on each here if you want to know more about it.

8- Setting the callback URLs:

● Copy any of the two URLs from your Magento Admin panel
● Head to the Payment integrations page in Accept dashboard and click on the NIFT test integration ID
● Then click on Edit to paste the callback URLs that you copied from the Magento Admin panel


-For the Online Card method you will do the same steps,

but the data for the method like the integration ID, and iframe ID will be different in the fields in step 7

What’s Next

You can check the test credentials for these methods from the link below: