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how to compleattest mode integration

please now my account be able to live my account

i want to integrate an easypaisa and jazzcash payment integration in flutter app

i want to integrate an easypaisa and jazzcash payment integration in flutter app , but where i can find an easypaisa integration id + jazzcash integration id . Also am using paymob_pakistan dependency is that true or where i can find the api and all IDs.

uncleared APIs Details

AOA, I am trying to use this integration in my Django project, but there is nothing cleared to understand according to the Django environment. as you provided details about 3 steps of APIs but i am not able understandable that which API will used in front end and which will used in backend and i wanted to add this integration for donation purpose. please clear these things if possible Thanks

Card Payment Api

Hi I want to know if there is card payment Api I want to integrate it with my own checkout but there is no option for it.. Are you just providing your hosted checkout ?

Signup issue

I’m from Pakistan trying to signup paymob but my sign up button is not working

plugin/sdk for .net custom websites?

does paymob team have any plans, for developing sdk / code / plugin, for .net ?

wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

When i am run my flutter app with paymob card payment its working fine on debug mode.. when i run on release mode than it gives an error of this

' PlatformException(error, Cannot deserialize value of type `boolean` from String "en": only "true" or "false" recognized I/flutter (32759): at \[Source: (String)"{"payment_key":"ZXlKaGJHY2lPaUpJVXpVeE1pSXNJblI1Y0NJNklrcFhWQ0o5LmV5SjFjMlZ5WDJsa0lqb3hNak16TWl3aVlXMXZkVzUwWDJObGJuUnpJam94TURBd01EQXNJbU4xY25KbGJtTjVJam9pVUV0U0lpd2lhVzUwWldkeVlYUnBiMjVmYVdRaU9qRXlOalF4TENKdmNtUmxjbDlwWkNJNk5EY3lOak0zTWl3aVltbHNiR2x1WjE5a1lYUmhJanA3SW1acGNuTjBYMjVoYldVaU9pSnpZV29pTENKc1lYTjBYMjVoYldVaU9pSnpZU0lzSW5OMGNtVmxkQ0k2SWs1Qklpd2lZblZwYkdScGJtY2lPaUpPUVNJc0ltWnNiMjl5SWpvaVRrRWlMQ0poY0dGeWRHMWxiblFpT2lKT1FTSXNJbU5wZEhraU9pSjZibU1pTENKemRHRjBaU0k2SW0xNlkyMTZJaXdpWTI5MWJu"[truncated 700 chars]; line: 1, column: 1125] (through reference chain: s9.c["language"]), null, null)'. how can i solved this

JazzCash EasyPaisa Paymnet Method

I want to integerate the jazzCash/EasyPaisa payment method But it is not working I have reached the 3rd step of payment API flow BUT how to use jazzCash or EasyPisa

Paymob authentication button is not clickable

I have just downloaded the Paymob plugin for USD and entered the API and HMAC Secret. However, when I click on the authenticate button, it does not work, it behaves as if it is a dummy button with no functionality.