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When i am run my flutter app with paymob card payment its working fine on debug mode.. when i run on release mode than it gives an error of this

' PlatformException(error, Cannot deserialize value of type `boolean` from String "en": only "true" or "false" recognized I/flutter (32759): at \[Source: (String)"{"payment_key":"ZXlKaGJHY2lPaUpJVXpVeE1pSXNJblI1Y0NJNklrcFhWQ0o5LmV5SjFjMlZ5WDJsa0lqb3hNak16TWl3aVlXMXZkVzUwWDJObGJuUnpJam94TURBd01EQXNJbU4xY25KbGJtTjVJam9pVUV0U0lpd2lhVzUwWldkeVlYUnBiMjVmYVdRaU9qRXlOalF4TENKdmNtUmxjbDlwWkNJNk5EY3lOak0zTWl3aVltbHNiR2x1WjE5a1lYUmhJanA3SW1acGNuTjBYMjVoYldVaU9pSnpZV29pTENKc1lYTjBYMjVoYldVaU9pSnpZU0lzSW5OMGNtVmxkQ0k2SWs1Qklpd2lZblZwYkdScGJtY2lPaUpPUVNJc0ltWnNiMjl5SWpvaVRrRWlMQ0poY0dGeWRHMWxiblFpT2lKT1FTSXNJbU5wZEhraU9pSjZibU1pTENKemRHRjBaU0k2SW0xNlkyMTZJaXdpWTI5MWJu"[truncated 700 chars]; line: 1, column: 1125] (through reference chain: s9.c["language"]), null, null)'. how can i solved this

JazzCash EasyPaisa Paymnet Method

I want to integerate the jazzCash/EasyPaisa payment method But it is not working I have reached the 3rd step of payment API flow BUT how to use jazzCash or EasyPisa

Paymob authentication button is not clickable

I have just downloaded the Paymob plugin for USD and entered the API and HMAC Secret. However, when I click on the authenticate button, it does not work, it behaves as if it is a dummy button with no functionality.

Mobile Sdk Download Problem

This link has been disabled. Sorry, access through this link has been removed by admin policy. Please contact the person who shared it with you. unable to download mobile sdk

Payment Value issue on iFrame

I'm using paymob order registration api to register my order for payment. In parameters, "amount_cents" => 33000 with PKR currency used. I tried both with integer and string value as a parameter for this attribute. But on the iFrame Card form, paymob system showing 330.00 PKR for both integer and string value. Screenshot => (https://prnt.sc/UfBnYTUdFnzG)

redirect users from iframe to my website url

How to redirect users from iframe to my website url after successfull payment ? like happens in every payment gatway eg stripe

After integraitng all API endpoint, iFrame is throwing Server Error 500.

We are able to: 1. Get auth token 2. Create an order in Accept's dashboard using auth token 3. Generate a Payment-Key to access iFrame. Problem: After adding test credentials provided on docs, and clicking the Pay button, the Server throws Server Error 500. Question: 1. We can test integration using test credentials provided in docs (https://docs.paymob.pk/docs/card-payments) 2. Why server is throwing Server Error 500?

pkr to usd

Failed to obtain payment key.

I am receiving an error "Failed to obtain payment key"

I have just completed my setup and having an error saying "Failed to obtain payment key." Does anyone know what the problem is?

can i apply for it?

can i